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Brazil: trees for China becomes a threat to Amazon Rain Forest

  Brazilian farmers’ slash-and-burn clearing of parts of the Amazon rain forest for agricultural purposes has become a concern for environmentalists. Some farmers are also clearing forest areas for cattle ranching to meet China’s growing demand for beef. China’s role in importing timber from the world’s largest tropical rain forest, .


Gabon: balancing between a growing timber industry and the global environment

This country is located in West Africa and 80% of it is covered in tropical rainforests, this has given the country a rise on the country’s second highest export – timber. Lee White, the country’s Minister of forests, admits that “”We produce about 500 million euros of timber exports. Our .

Tradingtimber is a company based in Portugal that focuses on the exportation of tropical wood, mainly from Brazil and Africa. Humanity, humility, integrity and distinction are the bases used by the company in all interactions and services provided.

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